What am I?

6 Oct

I know I am a reader – I’ve loved reading since first grade when Mrs. Oxley introduced new words each day and I committed them to memory.  My reading grades were wonderful!  I can read quickly and comprehend what was read.  I also know I probably read too much (is that really possible?  my family thinks so).  I taught first, second, and third grade for 35 years and have found that sitting and reading for enjoyment is a lovely way to spend retirement.  My sitting room off my bedroom tells me that I also buy too many books, so I thought I’d be smart and buy a Kindle.  That way I could be a “closet reader” and no one would know how many books I have!  Twelve hundred plus books later, I have to admit, MAYBE I read too much.  But what the heck- I’m retired!  I enjoy it!  I worked hard, raised a family, and now I can do whatever I darn well please!  Who cares how high the piles of mail get?  (maybe my husband. . . .)

Recently I tried my hand at writing.  I entered a contest and won, although winning had much more to do with collecting friends and brow-beating them to vote than actually the quality of the writing.  Through this contest a number of people told me I should write.  But, AM I A WRITER?  I’ve never pictured myself as one.  In fact, I found it the hardest thing to teach to children.  In high school it was definitely not my forte.  I also ruined my GPA in college with Freshman English and composition.  All signs pointed to the fact that I was most certainly NOT a writer.  I have always thought this.  Was I wrong?

My sister is a writer.  She wrote a fantastic book.  Everyone should read it – it’s called The Holy Order of the Womb Women.  My middle daughter is a writer.  She has her blog and writes about being a mother.  She’s a great writer too – her blog is Bona Fide Bites.  Look it up!  But me?  Both of them tell me I should write.  My sister even talked about us writing a book together.  Can’t even imagine it!  My daughter set up this blog for me.  They believe in me.  I still don’t think I do, but I’m going to try to at least blog every once in a while.  If reading more makes you a better reader, then writing more may make me a better writer.  Who knows, maybe I will find out I am a writer.  Most likely, I will just find an outlet for expressing opinions on my love of reading.  Stick around and see how I turn out!


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