Seriously Fun Reading Groups

14 May

My “serious” book club met last Wednesday.  No, we don’t always read serious books, but we seriously discuss the book we read.  The selection for this month was Happy Hour by Michele Scott. The book tells the stories of four female friends who connect through wine.  One is a wine maker, another is a sommelier, the third is an editor for a wine magazine, and the fourth is an artist who specializes in vineyard landscapes.  These women all have obstacles in their lives they are dealing with, but the strength of their friendship carries them through difficult times.  And, as I most enjoy, there is a happily ever after for all!  So, what made this a meeting worth blogging?  Well, we met in a local restaurant and had wine flights with our discussions.  It only seemed right to combine book, wine, and laughter for our final meeting until next fall.  This group of women have become so dear to me.  Our discussions have lead to understanding each other and we are fast becoming really good friends.

My other book group meets today to talk about Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas.  I was unable to contact her, so we won’t be skyping, but we do have a fun time planned.  You see, through a different author, I met another new friend from Australia.  She loves hearing about our “fun” reading group.  She sent me some cookies (well, she called them biscuits) and key-chains for this group.  Of course, the “biscuits” arrived about a week and a half ago, and I couldn’t let them get stale, so we will be sharing the key-chains and I’ll tell them all about the wonderful cookies!  We will laugh and talk about favorite parts of Smooth Talking Strangers and probably find out how many more of us have started Fifty Shades of Grey.  Fun stuff!  Needless to say, these friends have also become very dear to me.

Many people have heard about our “fun” group.  Word is traveling around about our skyping adventures.  We have even been contacted by a publishing company in California requesting we add two of their authors’ books to our list and skype with them.  Right now, our list of books go into November, so it may a while before we get back to them.  But, we are having a good time and it all centers around reading!  Some of the “serious” group affectionately call the “fun” group, the “smut” group.  Well, we do read mostly romances, but which group do you think is reading Fifty Shades Trilogy over the summer?  I guess we will have some “serious” discussions over that one!  And, hopefully, some of that group will be joining us over the summer for some “fun” reading!  Lunch, laughter, and friendship – what could be better?  I hope if you have a book club you will be as lucky as me and find great new friendships.

Upcoming books:

Samantha Moon: All Four Novels by J.R. Rain

A Woman to Blame by Susan Connell

My Big Old Texas Heartache by Geralyn Dawson


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