Notable Romance Series

10 Sep

Do you love to read series?  It seems to be the way of romance books these days, so I have tried to introduce my book group to some authors that write series.  One popular bonus with authors and series is they often offer the first book for free or a very low price for you to try them out.  Of course they want you to get hooked and buy the rest, and it works for me!  I have some great series and authors that I’ve tired that I’d like to introduce to you.

The Legacy Series, by Ruth Cardello  At present there are three books in this series.  The first one, Maid for the Billionaire is free.  This series follows the Corisi and Andrade families and friends.  A fourth book, Saving the Sheikh,  is to be released in November.

Never Too Late Series, by Donna McDonald  There are five books right now in this series with Dating a Cougar being the first free one.  These books follow the lives of three more mature girlfriends (early 40s to early 50s) as they find their soul mates.  Books four and five deal with one’s daughter and another’s mother.  Life doesn’t stop in your 40s, or even your 60s!

The Bluegrass Series, by Kathleen Brooks  This is really two series, however the second series (The Bluegrass Brothers) continues with the same cast of characters.  These books follow characters from Keeneston, a small town in Kentucky.  They all have a mystery to solve, making them more of a romantic suspense, but with plenty of laughs from some of the townspeople.  My favorites are the Rose sisters.  Bluegrass State of Mind is the first free one.  So far there are five books available.

The Fatal Series, by Marie Force  There are five books presently in this series.  The first one isn’t the free one, but it can’t be missed!  Fatal Affair introduces my favorite hero – Nick Cappuano.  The interesting thing about this series is that it follows the same couple in every book and you still can’t get enough of Nick and Sam!  She is a police detective in Washington DC while Nick starts out as chief of staff for a senator.  This is romantic suspense at its best.  As their romance and crime solving cases progress, we get to the free book, Fatal Destiny, which was written as a present to all of Marie’s fans.  This is the fourth book (really called 3.5) and it is the wedding book, making it well worth the price of the first three!  A sixth book is to be released in November.

There are many other series that I’ve enjoyed, some from these same authors.  This is just a small spicy sampling of some of my favorites and, the good news—all of these authors are very willing to skype with your book groups too.  So, for free, try some of them out and see for yourself!  Happy reading!


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  1. Karen September 10, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    Put your blog under good reads in bookmarks. 🙂

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